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underrepresented talent

UIT can help you find new and qualified talent!The core attribute of our mission is connecting talent to opportunity. We source and train top tech talent and help match them with the best fit employer for them. With that, we partner with top tech companies to deploy opportunities directly to our community members. Our goal is to not only assist them in receiving what may potentially be their first tech opportunity, but helping them to become tomorrow CEO’s, Founders, and Investors.

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Looking to
break into tech

Whether you’re tech-curious, or need help with career development, UIT's Tech Starter Program is a free interview prep and resume building 4-week course provided to interested Us In Technology members. If you are new to the tech industry or just need help brushing up on your interviewing skills, this is the program for you.

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Looking for jobs

Explore and apply for job opportunities across the tech industry with trusted Us in Technology partner companies and join our bubbling community space for members to interact and build relationships with people they can relate to and grow with. Within UIT’s community, members can find mentors and make connections that help to transform their dream into reality.

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Looking to give back

Whether you're looking to be a corporate sponsor and give back to our community or work 1:1 as a mentor with our members, there are plenty of ways to support UIT’s mission! Our ultimate goal is to provide underrepresented talent with the resources and support that they need to drive their careers, enable them to thrive, and become leaders in the tech industry.

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Time to Hire


of surveyed customers have achived shortened hiring times through UIT

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of placed members had a reduced
ramp time of 5-7 weeks



of placed members exceeded
quota in their first year

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