Our Team

How it Started

The origin of Us in Technology started with Kendrick Trotter, who as a young, black man first hand experienced how access to job opportunities in the tech industry completely transformed his life, and subsequently that of others.

About the Founder

Kendrick Trotter

At just 27 years old Kendrick Trotter is the founder and CEO of Us in Technology (UIT), a virtual community, job placement, mentoring and training platform aimed at bridging the gap between hiring companies and qualified underrepresented talent.

Before launching UIT in 2019, Trotter was an award-winning sales manager operating primarily within the cybersecurity space. 

Successfully recruited into the tech industry himself in 2017 while moonlighting as an Uber driver, Trotter picked up a successful tech executive and the pair struck up a conversation about his career path that would not only change his professional trajectory but his life mission: to give others the same opportunities he’d been given to succeed in one of the world’s most lucrative career fields.

Our Why

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The Bottom Line

Teams with Diversity leadership have 19% higher revenue due to innovation and a 27% greater likelihood of out-performing their peers. In addition, Underrepresented employees are currently 37% more likely to churn in the first year, which costs companies $75,000 on average per employee.

Higher revenue
Churn in the first year